Official Rules for the ONEXENO™ SOLITAIRE

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Open ONEXENO cardcase showing cards

ONEXENO Solitaire

ONEXENO cards are published by Penrose Press. These are the official rules for soliaire games played with those cards. ONEXENO Solitaire may be played by a single player. In the basic ONEXENO solitaire game, the player attempts to complete a large square of cards.


The object of the game is to complete an 8X8 square arrangement of cards in which the edges of all cards match their neighboring cards. The order of the game proceeds by completing in square arrays of cards in order. A 2X2 square of cards must be constructed first, followed by a 3X3 square, and so forth until an 8X8 square is completed.


Start Up
The shuffled deck of cards is placed face down and a single card is drawn from the top of the deck and placed face up. No cards are dealt, the player simply draws cards from the face-up pile and attempts to play them.

Similar to Klondike solitaire, three cards are drawn from the face-down stack are turned over and placed face up on a face-up stack. The player then attempts to play the card on the top of the face-up stack. If the top card can be played, the player then attempts to play the next face up card. The player continues in this manner until no further face-up cards can be played. The player then draws an additional three cards from the face-down stack and repeats the process by drawing three cards and taking another turn

Placing Cards
When the player plays the current card next previously played cards, the adjacent edges must match. Placed cards must conform to the fundamental matching rule and reside within the current playing field.

Playing Field
During the course of the game, the extent of the playing field increases. Initially, the extent of the playing field is a 3X3 grid surrounding the first card. As play proceeds, the extent expands to accommodate the next size square of cards.

The extent of various playing fields are illustrated below :
Minimum extent for one ONEXENO card Extent for four ONEXENO cards in a 2x2 array Intermediate extent of ONEXENO cards Extent for nine ONEXENO cards in a 3x3 array

Once a square of cards is completed, the playing field expands by one card on each side of the square.
The End Game
When the face-down stack is depleted, the face-up stack turned face-down and play proceeds as above. If the player depletes the face-down stack without playing a card, the game is over.

The Score
Solitaire success is completing an 8X8 arrangement of matching cards. The score is the sum of the cards that have been placed which are part of a completed square.

Opened case of ONEXENO cards

Enjoy ONEXENO ™ card game - and good luck!

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